METASYS provides an independent consultancy service to organisations and media rich individuals who need to organise and manage their digital media assets, plan and implement workflows, understand what software is presently available in the marketplace and what is on the horizon.
Clients want to pick our brains, use our expert knowledge to target an optimum solution for their budget rather than be ‘shoehorned’ into the wrong system by a software company.
Our consultants are specialists in Digital Asset Management (DAM) and all the variations such as - Video Asset Management (VAM), Media Asset Management (MAM) and Brand Asset Management (BAM).
Our experts can help you with Digital Rights Management (DRM), Content Management Systems (CMS) and Marketing Resource Management (MRM).
Need to migrate, scan, digitize, caption (add metadata) or convert media - we can point you in the right direction.
Our expertise and experience goes far deeper.  Our team advise on image workflows, colour management, print image management and e-commerce of digital media.
It cost absolutely nothing to phone or email us - we are all here to help you if you need advice about a digital asset management or a digital media solution and suggest companies to approach. We look forward to hearing from you.